What Are the Best Traits of Raising Happy Children?

Every generation of parents wants to raise their children happily and takes it as their mission in life. Nowadays, parents want to raise happy children and treat them more politely and delicately, and are much closer to their children. In this way, they feel good but their children feel proud that they have such nice parents. The latest research shows that now children and parents both are focused on the happiness and self esteem, they also raise a positive approach in their children; therefore, they behave and prove themselves as a useful member of the house as well as play a positive role in society.

If you want to raise happy children you have to show them that you are happy. It is not only necessary that you feed them good but spend quality time with them.Children need your attention and love, so don’t try to deprive yourself from their foremost right. Become their friends and so they will freely share all their emotions with you. This in turn will help,  understand the nature of your child, teaching him all those good traits which will shine through. Become a role model for your children, in this way he will follow you and all the rules which you set for him.

Listening to your children is another good way in which is helpful in raising happy kids. Stop what you doing just listen to him with eye to eye contact. Whether it is of importance to you or not, listen to him very keenly and attentively. This  signifies that he is very important for you. Spending time with your child is another important factor which helps you in raising happy children. When you spend lot of quality time with your child then you can notice his bad behaviors also. Teaching him ways to deal with circumstances will make him realize that he is not behaving properly.

Children learn different behaviors from you, become happy and take care of it, behave badly in front of the children and they are sure to pick this very fast. Parents should take care that they don’t criticize their child in an insulting way. If he has committed some mistake then try to make him realize that he has done bad and he has to be sorry on his action or behavior. In this way, he will learn the way of saying sorry. When you talk with them, make it sure that you are talking in a simple way, in which he can understand,making sure he realizes that every action has a re-action.  Praise your child when needed, when he behaves good and do something good then you must appreciate him and make him understand that what is wrong and what is right.

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