Tickets to Thailand Promise an Affordable Sojourn to Paradise

Thailand, a heady blend of the old and the new, pious Buddhist appeal and sinfully attractive charms, is one of the few places on earth where numerous such delightful contradictions exist in perfect harmony. Anyone planning to buy Thailand tickets is in for a remarkable treat complete with legendary cuisines, divine spa therapy, tremendous beach fun, addictive nightlife and … the list is endless. Here are just two of the hottest destinations from this magnificent country.

Bangkok The phrase ‘more said the less’ seems to be the most apt way to describe ‘City of Angels’ and no Thailand tour is complete without visiting Bangkok. Whether its paying homage to the Buddha at marvellous temples like the Wat Arun and Pho, indulging in retail therapy in world class malls and the unique Floating Markets and Night Markets, or checking out scores of exhilarating sightseeing attractions – reasons are infinite that thousands of travellers give Bangkok top priority while buying tickets to Thailand.

Pattaya Pattaya is yet another charmer. While fishing villages such as Ang Sila and Saray emerge as oases of peace, the scores of nightclubs promise dusk to dawn entertainment for the pub crawler. Pattaya is also a veritable paradise for sightseeing with unforgettable attractions such as Underwater World Pattaya, Pattaya Elephant Village, ‘The Sanctuary of Truth’, and the miniature city of Mini Siam.

Nightlife in Thailand
Known throughout the world for its groovy nightlife, Thailand bursts with numerous venues offering night time entertainment. While there is no dearth of steamy options by way of Go-Go dances and cabarets, those looking for something tame can help themselves to the innumerable restaurants and bars dotting the landscape.

Best Time to Visit Thailand
The best time to plan Thailand holidays is during the winter months of November to February. However, those with cheap Thailand flights as the top priority would do well to look for off season cheap ticket offers. One should also be aware of the fact that there are certain regional differences in the climate. For instance, in Central and Eastern Thailand, the summers are blisteringly hot, while violent rainfalls lash the region from June to October. Winters are mild and stretch from November to February. The scenario is pretty similar in the North and Northeast with the exceptions that winters can get bitingly cold, especially in the hilly areas. In southern Thailand, the only seasons are summer and the rainy seasons. The Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand sit on the West and Eastern sides of the Thai peninsula. While the Western side is best visited from November to April, the Eastern end is perfect from May to October.

Solo and Group Travel in Thailand.

Thailand is a natural choice for cheap holidays for both solo and group travellers. Although, Thailand is synonymous with business class offers put up by ultra luxurious hotels, the Internet is full of travel information that fits the budget of every category of solo or group travellers visiting the destination.

Visiting Bangkok is almost synonymous with buying tickets to Thailand or for that matter planning any Thailand tour.

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