Take Time For Your Children

Childhood is supposed to be of innocence rather than dealing with the stress of panic attack. Panic attack is discomforting and seeing it among children is even more painful. Children at this tender age feel helpless overcome by unexplainable emotion. As a parent it is a tough job to maintain calm while seeing your child suffer from panic attack. But to tell you the truth panic attack in children has grown to be quite common nowadays. As a parent it is your duty to provide comfort at time of need.

It is important to understand the child and the reason behind the panic attack. Most common reason is parents being separated make a deep impression in childs mind causing panic attacks in children. As a parent you are personally responsible for your child. Any activities you commit shouldnt be blamed on them.

Children tend to believe that the reason mommy or daddy is leaving the house is because of him. Many therapists have suggested making schedule and keep sometime for your children every day. Taking your children to your workplace helps them to understand where you are going when you are not spending time with him. Running away to your work is almost cheating your children from their offered time. You need to remember a child needs time and deserves it. Panic attacks in children can happen due to many other reason also. Many of these remains are not that easy to determine. Panic attacks in children may result in the child’s avoiding school, grades declining, any physical or mental abuse, depression and suicidal plans. The best way to detect what is going on in your childs mind is to listen carefully to what they are explaining. Rather than dismissing their thoughts as baby talk you need to make them feel important and value their thoughts.

There are many treatments for panic attacks in children according to the various reasons behind panic attack. If panic attack in children is due to separation from loved ones or parents separation you need to sit with him and make him realize the reality of the situation rather than hiding facts from him. You must remember children are much smarter than you can think of. Treating them like children wont be of any help. If panic attacks in children come from fear or phobia of anything like for example attending school, sleeping alone at night cognitive behaviour treatment is highly effective. Rewarding your children for attending school is very helpful. Children who feel nervous in front of strangers or while striking a conversation is another form of panic attack in children and can be overcome by relaxation technique and therapy. Many panic disorders can be treated with breathing technique and many self help guide.

If you are a parent then you should stop worrying because panic attacks in children curable. However painful it might be for you as a parent to watch your child go through this but you need to maintain calm and peace and take necessary action for the situation.

Many drugs are commercially available for quick relief but it should be taken under extreme situation and definitely under a doctors guidance.

Don’t let your panic attacks disrupt your life. Learn how to stop panic attacks and their symptoms completely.

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