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Effective Parenting Skill ? How to Raise Your Children Well

by antonychammond Raising kids nowadays is very difficult. Most of the time, kids now form their set of values from varied sources like their friends, the internet, television or from just about anybody they encounter each day. To…

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Parenting, Education and Children: Fostering Openness to Learning in Children

by pedrosimoes7 What makes one child excited and another fearful about trying new experiences? What makes one child put forth extensive effort toward something and another give up easily in discouragement? What makes one child…

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Raising Children With Aspergers? Where To Find Parenting Aid?

by Hani Amir As a parent of a kid with any condition its usually smart to abandon the lone complex and turn to the possibilities that are developed in on-line communities. This is very important when youre the…

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