Raising Your IQ Basics

How many times have we wanted to be smarter? Become members of MENSA? Pass an advanced physics course? It’s always that one problem, the IQ, which gets us in trouble. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, and is used to gauge the intelligence of an individual through testing. The average IQ is between 85 and 114, the low range is 25-40 (which indicates a severe mental disability) and anything over 175 is considered “Profoundly Gifted”. Ever since the advent of IQ testing, people all over have been trying to increase their IQ level.

There are multitudes of ways to increase your IQ level. A lot of programs are sold over the Internet, but are they worth it? A more common way to increase your IQ is to do “mental workouts”, a sort of exercise for the grey matter. Games made for the Nintendo DS such as Brain Age I and II, and Big Brain Academy seem to gravitate toward the mind workout crowd. Doing mind teaser puzzles, and things like Sudoku or even crosswords can help keep your mind sharp as a knife, and there’s an added bonus: keeping away Alzheimer’s!

A few tips which you may encounter:
1. Lay off the television
2. Getting a decent night’s sleep
3. Exercise!

They may seem like simple things, but keeping the rest of your body in shape helps your brain out pretty well. Another way to help with your IQ might be to just sit down and pop some Mozart in your mp3 player or CD player. It’s a short-term influence, but if you find yourself needing some help before a test, try Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448, or any other song by the famous musician. Eating healthier foods also help your body get a jumpstart on mental functions.

Many of the items or websites I have found on my journeys involving IQ boosting, are usually unfounded and do not usually work. In this aspect, please be aware of what you might be getting into if you attempt to purchase an online program. The Internet is rife with scams, and you don’t have to be a genius to find out which ones are. My motto is “be careful if they ask for money!” The best programs I tailor around myself, and use tips and tricks (and a few Nintendo DS games) to create my own specially designed program for increasing my Intelligence Quotient!

Frank Breinling is the founder of the Project about Boosting Your IQ, here you can find out more, http://iqboosting.com

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