Get An Ex Girlfriend Back With This Special Promise

You want to get your ex girlfriend back. You realize you messed up and made some mistakes and now you want to get her back. Good for you!

How do you go about getting her back? Well, it depends, because there are different strategies for different causes. But a lot of guys lose their women because they take them for granted, don’t make them feel valued and appreciated.

Perhaps your girlfriend lost interest in you because she felt taken for granted or that you didn’t pay her enough attention. Relationships often drift apart for these reasons. Can you still get her back?

If you lost her for these reasons, then sometimes you can get her back. You’ll need to make a promise and you’ll need to understand something. Understand this: women need to feel appreciated and valued.

You need to understand that to have a chance at getting her back. If you stop showing that you value and appreciate your girlfriend, she will feel taken for granted.

So if this is the situation you find yourself in, then you can get her back sometimes with a promise. And what you do is promise to value and appreciate her from now on. Its not quite that simple, but that is the jist of it.

First, you need to fess up. You need to explain to her that you realize that you took her granted or didn’t show her your appreciation and that you made a big mistake by doing so. You then tell her that you miss her terribly and feel like you’ve learned from your mistakes. Then you promise to make it up to her and to SHOW her that you value and appreciate her from then on, if shell give you a second chance.

Assuming you really mean it and are sincere, promising her this can touch her heart. It can get her thinking about taking you back. Women like to hear that men have learned from their mistakes. There is more to this strategy, but making this promise is a key step.

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