Effective Parenting Skill ? How to Raise Your Children Well

Raising kids nowadays is very difficult. Most of the time, kids now form their set of values from varied sources like their friends, the internet, television or from just about anybody they encounter each day. To raise a child with a good set of values you would really need an effective parenting skill or two. If you are having troubles raising your kid, here are some tips that can guide you.


One effective parenting skill that you need is being consistent. Why do you need to be consistent? Kids, when they try to learn something try to see patterns. Patterns help them remember things. If you are consistent with your rules, they will remember what you want them to learn. If you change your rules every so often they will get confused. They wouldn’t know when they are doing the right thing and when they are not. Being consistent does not only mean being consistent with your rules but also being consistent with how you implement your rules. Your manner of imposing rules and giving rewards or punishments should also be constant so as not to confuse them.


Another skill that you need is keeping your words. If you say something, you have to mean it and you have to do it. If you say you will cut down their internet time if they get low grades, you have to really cut down their internet time. If you don’t, they will not believe you the next time you say it to them. In other words, this means they will not follow you. They will say it is okay not to follow because they can get away with it anyway. If you want to keep your word, make sure everything that you will utter is something that you can really do and you are willing to do. If you say that you will keep them out of the house if they disobey you but at the back of your mind you do not want to keep them out then don’t say it otherwise you will eat your words should they disobey you.


Another parenting skill that you must have is to try to be a friend to them. This means that you should let them feel that they can approach you anytime they would need your help. The last thing that you need to become an effective parent is to be a distant parent.


If all these things are difficult for you, at the end of the day, the most effective parenting skill you need to raise your children well is to love them.

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