Could A Person With Fear of Vomit Manage To Raise Children?

If the word ‘emetophobia’ is new to you, then you probably haven’t heard anything about this phobia – and you are not exceptional. Emetophobia is plainly the irrational fear of vomit or anything hinting at vomit, and it’s discussed very little in public. That’s because most sufferers feel a fair amount of shame over having this serious condition.
The fear of vomiting very commonly spreads to a more general fear of being sick or of germs in general. One of the hardest things for a person with emetophobia is to see a loved one being ill. This applies doubly so for women with this condition who have children and are forced to take care of them.
This fear may control an individual to such a degree that he or she may decide to not have any children. It takes a lot of effort and facing your fears to be able to deal with their anxieties. Potential mothers might be afraid of morning sickness (leading to vomiting), or being extremely afraid of their child getting sick.
There is hope, however. There does not need to be a direct correlation between an emetophobic parent seeing their child vomit and getting constant panic attacks. I know many women with emetophobia who have told me stories about how they have managed to deal with their children. For example, in some cases, a child throws up and the nurturing instinct in a mother takes over, without any thought at all, and cleaning the child up, only realizing after the fact what they’ve done.

Vomit phobia can be improved upon. And it seems that the extremely strong maternal instinct that women have can overcome all sorts of adversity. There is yet hope if you have emetophobia and are a parent, or want to have children in the future.
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