3 Treatments for Autism that show Promise

The developmental condition known as autism is something that a lot of families have to deal with and these families are looking for effective treatments. Because this condition has numerous symptoms and causes, there is not one method that will work for everyone, but there are a few treatments that are very good for a few autistic individuals. The following techniques for treating autism may be worth considering.

Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT) is one innovative autism treatment. This involves changing the autistic person’s sensitivity to various sounds by exposing them to different frequencies. People with autism tend to be extremely sensitive to lights and sounds. By exposing the patient to various frequencies, an autistic person’s sensitivity can be reduced in some cases. This treatment strives do more than just this but can also help manage other symptoms of autism. This is a treatment of autism that is still being researched, and while some results are promising, it still remains to be seen how effective it really is.

Even though most experts claim that there is no cure for autism, there is one program that claims it can show autistic people how to live their lives normally. This is called the Son-Rise program, which utilized a variety of inventive methods to show autistic children how to learn and socialize. This program takes a very positive approach, and starts off with the belief that all children, no matter how they start out, have the potential to be happy and normal. This is a very unpopular outlook because many experts that a majority of the programs out there can only monitor the symptoms of autism. The Son-Rise program has some impressive ideas, but it is quite demanding on the time and financial resources of parents, which makes it impractical for many people to even attempt. But, it may be the piece of the puzzle on how to treat autism.

If you are a parent of someone closely involved with the medical care for an autistic individual, it is vital for you to know that a lot of methods haven’t actually been proven and are still experimental. This doesn’t mean they don’t have any possibilities or that you should not want to test them out, however you should also be alert. It’s also an intelligent decision to just try one manner at a time. If you put several methods to use all at the same time, it can be tough to recognize which one is working.

Every now and then, parents are sensibly apprehensive when it comes to receiving help for their child however this causes them to try several different healing methods at once. The child can become disconcerted by this, and this makes it challenging to measure progress and recognize which regimens should be continued and which are pointless. So the ideal procedure is to test out one regimen for at least a few months.

It can be difficult to deal with autism, especially if someone in your family has this condition. Some of the regimens discusses above might be beneficial, and with all of the research being drawn out, we can hope that new and more powerful regimens will be introduced in the near future.

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